What Kind of Pet do you Have?

City Dogs

    • City life isn’t always the easiest for your four-legged friend, the sidewalks can hurt their sensitive paws, and a small dog can get tangled up with a stranger on a crowded street. City dogs also have to be content with smaller living spaces and lack of a private yard. Even so, many small dogs thrive in the fast-paced environment the city has to offer. Many popular cities have dog parks, spas, and even hotels and restaurants catered specifically for your pet.
    • If walking your dog on a busy street worries you, consider getting a doggy stroller. They are designed to keep your pet safe and contained while still allowing them to get fresh air. You can also invest in doggy booties to protect your pet’s paws.
    • The American Kennel Club states that most small dog breeds can adapt well to city living, as long as they get enough playtime and attention. Chihuahuas and pugs are great breeds for city living, because they require only a small space and minimal exercise, but love companionship.

Country dogs

  • Most dogs love having the freedom to run in wide-open spaces; however, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says that many toy breeds, especially if they are under 20 lbs find having too much space overwhelmingly.
  • Country dogs don’t mean outside dogs. In fact, many smaller dogs can appear like a meal for wild animals. If your pet likes to roam around outdoors, make sure you know his or her whereabouts and that they a safe indoors before night comes. Natural herders such as the Shetland Sheepdog and Pembroke Welsh Corgi will be in paradise with lots of outdoor space to explore. Some predators such as ticks are tiny, and it is essential to check your dog over when your dog comes inside.
  • Your dog should come when you call them, and should always be wearing an ID tag. It is also a good idea to have your pet microchipped, so you can always find them no matter how far they go. As long as your pet has a loving home to settle into, location isn’t all that important. A healthy diet, daily exercise, and lots of love and affection are all most dogs need to thrive.

Traveling with your dogs
Taking your pet with you on your family vacation can make it more fun for everyone, but it takes careful planning to make sure your trip is enjoyable for everyone including your dog.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Get your dog a check-up before you leave- Before going away make your dog an appointment with the vet. Make sure that all their vaccinations are current, and ask for a copy of the shot record to take with you. If you are traveling by airline, health certifications are necessary.
  • Bring a supply of their regular food- Changing your dog’s diet quickly can cause stomach upset and diarrhea for your pet. To avoid this bring along all the regular food your dog normally consumes, hard and soft. Don’t forget bottled water for the trip and any medications.
  • Be prepared for an emergency- Program the number of the nearest veterinary hospital into your phone, as well as your regular vet’s name and number. This way, you will be prepared for an emergency with all of the necessary information.
  • Crates- If you put your dog in a carrier, make sure it is large enough that it allows your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down. Also, ensure that the carrier has proper ventilation and a comfortable surface to lay on.
  • Collar and leash- Having a durable collar and leash are important, especially while traveling. You don’t want your dog to get away so far from home. A Hot Dog On A Leash has hundreds of collars and harnesses to choose from for your pet. Your dog’s collar should have identification tags with their name, your phone number, and proof of rabies vaccination.

Pets Are An Excellent Addition To The Family
Whether you have a city or country dog, they are part of the family. Always keep them safe by having a high-quality collar or harness, and a leash. Check out our website to see all of the products we sell. You will be surprised at how many different style and color options you have to choose from. You can show off your pet’s personality with a unique collar or harness. You can even pick a matching bow, bowtie, or flower to go with it.