Dog Collars And More

Have you ever been excited to go to the pet store to buy your dog a new collar or harness, only to be disappointed with your options? Many people have, and that is why we started our business. We wanted to provide unique dog collars, harnesses, leads, and day bags to match every pet’s personality. We also strive to create a quality product that will not wear down quickly. We offer countless style options, and we even have bows, bowties, and flowers to match.

Whether you just got a new pet and want to get them their own collar, or you want to get your pet something new, We have products that are unique and shows the personality of your pet. You will not be disappointed with our selection.

Dress Your Dog Up In A Country Style!
When you are looking for a dog collar or harness you want something unique that shows your dog’s personality, while also functioning like it’s supposed too. Here at A Hot Dog On A Leash, we make handmade collars and harnesses with only the best quality fabrics and hardware. Our products are made with cotton fabrics sewn over the top of a durable nylon webbing. For the equipment, we use double-locking acetal buckles, wide nylon adjustment loops, heavyweight snap bolts, and heavyweight D-rings. All of our products are washable making cleaning them a breeze.

We also have products in all of the holiday patterns, so you can get your pet a special collar for Halloween, Christmas, or the Fourth of July.

We don’t wear the same thing every day, so why should your dog? Have fun with their collar, harness, lead, or day bag, and pick some designs that stand out.

Over 100 Beautiful Designs Will Tempt And Delight
When you shop at a pet store for a dog collar or harness, surprisingly there are not many options. Generally, you have some pink or blue choices, and that’s it. At our store, we have every kind of color and pattern you can imagine. Our quality is also better because it is handmade, meaning it will last longer and keep your dog safe.

Matching Bows And Flowers Complete The Look

Collars and harnesses are a lot like accessories for humans. We pick accessories based on our personality and our taste and choosing a dog collar or harness is no different. Our products come in an endless variety of colors, patterns, and styles. We offer solids, stripes, polka dots, florals, camo, and more. To complete the look, we also have bows, bowties, and flowers to match. Take a look at our store to see all of the different designs and styles we offer. You can choose a few different pieces to match your pet’s attitude for each day.

All Proudly Made In The USA
Our company is unique because we use stay-at-home moms and grandmothers to help meet our production needs. You can feel good about where you spend your money, knowing that you are supporting someone’s passion right here in America. Every product is handmade with care because the creator enjoys what they do. Because our products are handmade, it ensures that it is top quality. All of our products are made in Snellville, Georgia.

Ordering from us is easy, we have an extensive inventory ready to ship once you place your order. The pieces generally ship within two business days, with free shipping in the continental U.S. If you are not satisfied with your order, you have seven days to arrange a complete refund.